About Us

Poljak Wines were born out of love, desire and an infatuation with wines… Although we are a young winery, our wines tell of passion and commitment through their quality. The winery is in Zadar, in its most beautiful part, next to the sea side, in Diklo. Our vineyards are located in the Zadar outback, spread over the excellent vineyard region of the Benkovac-Stankovci vineyards.

Dalmatian Wines

Poljak Wines respect the tradition of Dalmatia and its famous wines, but with an innovative approach and by listening carefully to trends in the wine-making industry. We view each harvest with due care and duly apply ourselves to the making of each individual year.


Our small family winery was founded and is led by the owner Trifun Poljak who pours all his love into these wines. Having collected the know-how on the top international winery scene, he concluded that it was about time to start his own winery with top quality wines.


Poljak Wines have received exceptional awards. They enthral with their aromas, sweetness and freshness and take home numerous awards from each competition. The wines are present both on the Croatian and international markets.


Captured moments…